About us

is a maintenance solution specialist that provides Lubricant Oils, Greases, Chemicals and Maintenance Services.

CHEMLUB has the standing reputation as a leader in this field who works vigorously with customers to deliver high performance products and fully innovative/formulated solutions, while maintaining a commitment to safety and sustainability.

CHEMLUB is also versatile and has the capability to provide a number of industrial services to Oil and Gas, Mining, Petrochemical, Food Processing Plant, Steel Mill, Automotive, Marine, and Printing industries, as well as to Power and Cement plants, Commercial buildings, Glove manufacturing, etc.

CHEMLUB adopts the Total Preventive Maintenance concept. This concept is developed with the single aim of enabling machines to perform more efficiently and to extend their service lifespan. Our lubricant product range exceeds the expectations of all major industries and OEM machinery requirements.

CHEMLUB BIOTECHNOLOGY (M) SDN BHD has a group of professional technical specialists specialized in industrial servicing and projects. CHEMLUB offers various services such as:

  • Corrosion Rehabilitation Coating System
  • Floor Protective Coating
  • Water Proofing System
  • Roof Coating
  • Building Construction &Structural Repair
  • Industrial Water Cooling System Cleaning
  • External Building Cleaning and P ainting
  • FRP Solution
  • M&E Engineering

We are committed to providing COMPREHENSIVE AND TOTAL SOLUTIONS that meet our customers' satisfactions. CHEMLUB team provides a comprehensive range of products and we acquired our technology from an international company. We achieved the highest standards of quality by perfectly combining international technology and local expertise. We are driven by our commitment to offer the most superior product & services to our customers.